Website development process

Website development process

Our cooperation with your starts from your initial call or e-mail. One of our specialists will provide you with all required information about website design, website development and optimization.

Then you'll discuss all aspects of your future project with your personal project manager. According to your desires and intentions you'll get a free quote for your website and will receive information about the approximate working time. The ultimate price fully depends on three main factors:

  • information content volume
  • if you are willing to use your graphics and images in the website or will it be fully ours design with our images and graphics
  • programming complexity

After we receive full information open what exactly do you need we'll start the job. You'll be able to contact you project manager anytime and get information about the production progress.

The approximate website development of a simple html website is near 2-3 weeks.

The process is performed by several specialists:

  • web-designer - a person who create the appearance of your website, decides which font or graphics to use
  • web-programmer - creates the coding and script implementing part of the website development
  • project manager - a person who manages the production process and communicates with you directly.

After we are done with the design and the programming and your website is live millions of users get access to it but initially the website effectiveness are equal to zero. To make your website really a working project several very important things should be done. It's obvious that nobody will visit your website if nobody knows about it. Your target audience: your partners, customers etc. should know about your website. This is the job of our marketing specialist. Marketing specialist will create an individual program and will perform it to live to make your website work with maximum effectiveness.


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