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1)  is only responsible for implementing the project as specified in interview and project description. If the customer wishes to make additional changes he should request an additional quote, otherwise he agrees to accept the website running result.

2)  has a right to cancel the order and refund in the following cases:

   a) The client does not give all the data necessary for customization;

   b) The client demands unreasonable revision of the order.

   c) billing officer suspects the payment to be fraud.

3)  has the right to set an extra price quote if the client wishes to make additional project changes which were not stipulated before and were not stated in the project description.

4)  does not guarantee to complete project to schedule specified in Preliminary Term of Delivery. Breaks in production may happen because of customer's activity (i.e. the client doesn't give all the data necessary for customization or gives false contacts).

5) has a right to request authentication of the cardholder (such as a scanned image of the credit card without its numbers and credit card statement) if billing officers suspect the payment to be fraud.

6) reserves the right to mark the final project result with a "created by" link in a footer area. In case the customer does not wish to put this mark reserves the right to set an extra charge for removing it. All of the issues considering adding or removing the mark mentioned above can be discussed with a project manager.

7) As soon as the customer receives the download link and accepts the result the project is considered to be implemented successfully and isn't to be reviewed or revised.

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