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   Web design is a starting point of any website or web application development project. The first goal of our company at this stage of the website developing process is to create a visual appealing design. A recent study by Carleton University in Ottawa revealed that it takes near 50 milliseconds for users to decide if they like the website or not. In other words in your website doesn’t look good enough it doesn’t have any chance to reveal it’s sales potential.

          As we are offering high quality web design services creating an appealing design is only a half of the job.  A truly successful and profitable website should meet all the requirements below:

  •         it should clearly reflect your company orientation
  •         the website navigation should be intuitive and user-friendly
  •         it should be displayed correctly in any browser
  •         it should be displayed correctly on any monitor in any resolution

          ITlsm.com staff of website designers are the most creative and talented people in the industry. We do not use templates or out of the box designs. Each of our website layouts is guaranteed 100% unique for each website we create. It is important that your website be unique and our designers are well aware that our customers are looking to set themselves apart from the competition. Web design is our specialization. Believe, we know what we do!


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